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Everyone strives to get unique and one-of-it's-kind web site and in order to obtain such a lot of options should be done at high professional level. One of the first things upon which the first and the most important impression is created, is the design of your web site. Design services web is our SEO Shape Company's forte, we already have a lot of experience in it's creation.

Suggesting you our design service site web we always take into account the fact that each of our clients has his own notion of ideal and the best site. That's why we do a lot of work so as to find the most affordable design services site web for each one of you, selecting the most appropriate design solution.

Browsing through the selection of design works we have already done it is quite possible to jump into decision, whether we are the company providing the design services site web you've been looking for. However, our broad experience in dealing and cooperation with with quite different client, individuals, business and corporate ones, makes it possible to say that nowadays we are able to meet ever-elevating expectations.

Now we are proud to offer you the scope of our design services web which include programming and website design solutions (html, css, web 2.0), flash animation, etc. and as a result great online presentation.

We can provide you with :

  • website design service: website development of various styles and types of websites - informative type of a website;
  • graphical website development and web programming services;
  • Flash-animation and website programming - promo-websites, business-tools and games;
  • website design and website brand development: the development of the following materials (the business envelope, covering, brand books);
  • the development of presentations based on PowerPoint and Flash technology: texts and graphical decoration;
  • printed product design-signboard, leaflet, booklets;
  • design and development of user's interface;
  • analysis and polishing of acquired programs;
  • valuation safety in initial conditions, increase functionality, expert valuation of integration CMS system -presentation
  • complete control of website content and provide maximum convenient instruments for collection and analysis of information in website;
  • CRM system development of inter-corporative user system - system CRM systems;
  • Ensure functioning of scripts - increase refusal stability, adaptation under definite conditions
  • informative support/ data support- write text for websites, operative renewal of information/data;
  • website promotion in search engines - constant optimization of website, its promotion to higher position in search engines
  • advertisement on internet-search of suitable advertisement space, recommendation about these spaces, analysis of affectivity;
All of our sites undergo validation. All the sites are browsed perfectly and work with all well-known browsers such as FireFox, Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Opera, Safari.

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